One of these ugly outfits is by EA, the other is Custom Content

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So I don’t know why exactly EA/Maxis thought that this outfit (above) raincoat was … something that they could/should put in the game? Like, the color is fine, and the coat itself… without that “hoodie”…it looks so awful! I can even forgive the rolled up sleeves. But that hood! And there’s no drawstring even…it looks like it closes with perhaps a velcro flap? *gag* Seriously WHO WOULD WEAR THIS!

This on the other hand is some lovely CC (Im sorry I don’t remember where I got it… no wait… AROUND THE SIMS) and it looks like they used the EA mesh as their starting point, they lengthened the sleeves (Which you cannot see here, but trust me), added a hoodie, and also gave the option of this adorable matching rain hat. The hat is also based off of a EA/Maxis hat, but I can’t really tell…

But isn’t it so much better?

Look. I love A LOT of the EA/Maxis stuff, but sometimes, like this raincoat above, it’s a total miss.

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Amelia looks just adorable in this! (That’s Henry’s sister, in alternate_reality)



Introducing, The Clarkes!

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Ratchet (I did not name him this) the Scottish Terrier, Marvin, Claire and Gage.

Claire married Marvin when she was in her early 20s. Marvin was on the cusp of becoming an elder. Not long after, they welcomed baby Gage. Gage is now about 8 years old, Claire is hovering around her 30s.  Marvin isn’t as robust as he once was, and he spends an awful lot of time working and working overtime, much to the neglect of his family.

Sure, Claire loves Martin, but there’s no love, no romance, and hardly any woohoo. And when there is, it’s not satisfying at all. While Marvin works in business, Claire is a stay at home mom, and GLADLY, because she’s lazy and can’t stand work. She hates cleaning to.

“So why don’t we hire a butler, Marvin? He can do cooking and cleaning and help Gage with his homework. Then I can have more time to spend pursuing my hobbies, like, working on my tan and admiring myself in the mirror.”

Not one to deny his wife’s wants, he relented. So they hired a butler.

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The Butler, Sterling Woodward, arrived at 8 am the next morning for his new assignment. “Good morning Mrs. Clarke, my name is Sterling Woodward, and I’m you’re new butler. If you can show me to my living quarters, I can get settled in, and you can apprise me of my duties and schedule.”

“Wow…” She gasped. “I mean… yeah…Your room is the first one on the left when you come out of the elevator. You’ve already walked right past it. The keys to the room are on the nightstand so you can lock your door for privacy at night.”

“Thank you ma’am.” He replied, walking away with a small suitcase in hand. It contained all of his earthly possessions. A few minutes passed and Sterling reappeared, ready to receive his assignments. Claire just gawked at the handsome young man before her. He appeared to be at least 10 years older than her, a man of about 40. But compared to Marvin, he was so well built and broad shouldered. His bright green eyes contrasted beautifully against his jet black hair.

“Ma’am” He began.

“Oh please, call me either Mrs. Clarke or Claire. Ma’am is too formal sounding.”

“Certainly. May I ask what my duties will be?”

“Well, I need you to cook meals, because I can’t cook for nothing. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I need you to help my son Gage with his homework, because… that’s boring. I need you to do the laundry, repair things when needed, clean things as needed, do light dusting, that’s all I can think of for now. We need you to be up at 8 am every day to start your work, and you can finish your day at 10 pm. Weekends, you can be up at 9 am, and off at 9 pm. Sunday’s you can finish at 12 pm, and take the remainder of the day off. Feel free to leave the premises at that point, but you must return by 8 am the next morning.”

“Yes Mrs. Clarke, thank you. If you don’t mind, if you are finished, I’d like to start my duties now?”

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“Yes…that’s all. I’m sure when Marvin gets home from work he’ll probably say all of that and more. We’re a pretty easy going family so make sure you take time for yourself each day to make sure your personal needs are met as well.”

“Yes Mrs. Clarke, thank you.”

“That will be all now, you’re dismissed.”

“Thank you”…


Alternate realities

Okay so as you know, my favorite sim is my sim Henry. I created him as a young adult, he married Jade Rosa and they had six children together (Quinn, Liam, Hayden, Thomas, George, Charlotte). Henry was a detective, a spy and a chef.  Later in life, Henry met his estranged father, Hugh, and they developed a father-son relationship until Hugh’s death.

Now…. What I did was, I created A SECOND SAVE FILE in my game and called it an alternate reality. I took young adult VANILLA HENRY and placed him there with his father HUGH, and rolled their ages back. I turned Henry into a toddler, and Hugh into a young adult. I then gave Henry a mother, for the first time.

In the other REALITY, Henry’s mother died when he was 10 and he was shipped to military school until he graduated at 17. Due to this neglect, Henry and Hugh became estranged.

But in the alternate reality, his mother never died and he was raised under their guidance until adulthood. He never met Jade in this reality and married someone else.

Here is his story.


Meet Hugh02-15-18_8-18-47 AM

Meet his wife Pearl with toddler Henry

02-15-18_2-36-41 PM

He was an unplanned addition to their family but one that they love very much.

02-15-18_2-54-22 PM

Toddler Henry is a little charmer (that is his trait).

02-24-18_4-53-41 PM

Mom and dad really get after him sometimes for all the messes he makes but

He really does bring joy to their lives

02-25-18_12-28-51 AM


A little update on Shingo

First things first. Shingo. Last time I posted I said he and his wife were expecting. Well. They had twins. Twin boys. I don’t even remember their names. OH. Tadashi and Raphael. Fernanda is Portuguese and Shingo is 1/2 Japanese so the baby’s names reflect their heritages.

04-30-18_12-17-34 AM04-30-18_12-17-49 AM

Shingo also found out that he is biological father to Fernanda’s son, Jeff. They had met each other at a party years before he became her nanny. They had a brief encounter which neither of them remembered clearly. Shingo accepted Jeff as his own son but was over the moon to find out he was actually his biological father.


It’s my boy’s creation day anniversary!

05-06-18_4-46-36 PM05-06-18_4-46-40 PM05-06-18_4-49-36 PM

He’s the second sim I ever created in TS4, he’s my favorite. I love him and the life he’s had. He’s had 6 children with his wife, one via abduction, 11 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. He has maxed all skills except archaeology (8) and pet training (1). He was a detective first, then a Double diamond spy, and then a celebrity chef. Now he is retired. (He’s never been an elder in this game)

So I’m playing him in honour of his creation day.

Also, it’s my cat’s adoptaversary lol. 15 years old!


A very special sim

I didn’t make this sim. He’s game generated. He’s the game nanny*.  His name is Shingo Hayashi. His name clearly states a japanese ancestry but I suspect he may only be half Japanese and may also have European ancestry.

Regardless, Shingo was born in Japan, and lived there until his late 20s. He worked as a pediatrician for decades until immigrating to San Myshuno. He was disappointed to find his medical license was not recognized and he’d have to get recertified.

(This is actually something that happens to immigrant doctors their license is not recognized and because of the cost of getting recertified they become taxi drivers or some other low end paying job. Tragic, because we need skilled workers like doctors, no matter where they are from! Plus it’s probably tough to make livings at being a taxi driver.)

Side note, my former doctor is Russian, and in Russia he was a brain surgeon. He came to Canada and had to get recertified, like any other doctor, but found it was expensive and difficult. He ended up going into family medicine instead which he finds more rewarding. He also helps immigrant doctors get recertified.

Anyway, I digress. Because Shingo found the cost of getting recertified was simply too high, he became an nanny for Kindly Caring. He loved caring for children, and this was the next best way, as he could no longer be a pediatrician.  He soon found he grew to love those children under his care. And Shingo cared for many, many babies and toddlers in my game.

You should probably know that Shingo started out as an elder. He wasn’t the adult you see here. Well I loved Shingo so much that I marked him to never be culled and I aged him down. Then, I searched his friends and noticed he had a romance with a sim who was a single mom. I decided it was time for the newly young Shingo to retire from being a Nanny, and have a life of his own.

I placed his love interest into a house, and had her invite over Shingo. Their romance grew, and she invited him to move in. They married fairly quickly. I decided it was time for him to reenter the medical field with the savings he’d accumulated from being a Nanny. He was recertified, (not really this is all part of the story) and became a doctor. (But not a pediatrician)

04-27-18_12-33-42 AM

04-25-18_10-44-06 PM04-25-18_10-46-09 PM

Shingo had dedicated so much of his life caring for other people’s children, both as a pediatrician and as a nanny, that he had never had a romantic relationship with a woman. He just never found the time. But then, he met Fernanda, who hired him as a nanny to her new son. She was a newly single mom and found herself overwhelmed by caring for the baby.

More than anything, he wanted to be father to his own children. Granted, he considered Jeff (her son) as his own son, but he wanted to be father to his own biological child. Finally, she agreed to having a baby.

They went away to Granite falls for two days without Jeff (left him with the new nanny) and a new baby was conceived.

04-29-18_8-08-26 PM

Coming soon, the birth of Shingo and Fernanda’s son or daughter!


This is Gregory and Hayden’s adult children, Gabriella and Benjamin. Benjamin is the oldest. Isn’t his daughter really beautiful? They look just like their dad except for one small feature: That cleft chin they have is from their mother, which she got from her dad Henry.

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